Intel® XDK

Develop, test & deploy to all major platforms with a single code base.

Get into the game with Intel® XDK: Build, test, and market games for Android, iOS, and Windows app stores.

Accelerate the deployment of mobile games across a diverse spectrum of devices with Intel® XDK, a free all-in-one HTML5 development environment that allows game developers to write a single app and automatically build and deploy to Android, iOS, and Windows app stores across PCs, phones, and tablets. New features include: Popular game engine support for Construct2, Cocos2D, Phaser, EaselJS, part of CreateJS suite of libraries, and Pixi popular game engine support; Asset Manager to access, manipulate, and manage game assets; W3C Gamepad API for devices; Google Play Game Services and Apple Game Center Services support; and Intel® XDK plug-in for Sublime Text*, providing direct access to Intel® XDK tools from the Sublime Text Toolbar menu.

 Intel® XDK


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